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About Us

The mission of the NICoE is to be a leader in advancing traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health (PH) treatment, research and education. This overarching mission is accomplished through three primary categories of activity:

  • Research: The NICoE serves as a DoD Institute to study the gaps in knowledge regarding the pathophysiology, behavior and spiritual damage resulting from comorbid mTBI and PH conditions. As a hub of intellectual exchange, the NICoE leverages a unique patient base and the most current technical and clinical resources to initiate innovative pilot studies designed to advance evaluation and treatment of service members with the complex interaction of mTBI and PH conditions, who are not responding to conventional therapy. The NICoE collaborates with federal, academic and industry partners to engage in cutting edge research to rapidly advance clinical care.

  • Clinical: The clinical team at the NICoE conducts clinical evaluation, patient and family focused interventions, initiates treatment and develops individualized treatment plans for cohorts of service members with the complex interaction of mTBI and PH. NICoE has established and continues to refine an integrative model of holistic, interdisciplinary diagnostic and treatment planning in a patient and family focused, collaborative environment that promotes physical, psychological and spiritual healing and is committed to long-term follow-up with the service member and their family contact.

  • Education: The NICoE serves as an institute for patient and family-centered education, health professions clinical education and training, and educational research. The NICoE serves as a platform to facilitate an enhanced understanding about the complexities of TBI and PH whereby new knowledge, practices and sensitivities regarding prevention, evaluation, and treatment will be developed and disseminated.

    If you are interested in learning more about the NICoE or would like to share some of our information with others please feel free to download some of our materials found below: