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​​The NICoE seeks to be a national leader in advancing traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health (PH) treatment, research and education in a healing environment. With its dedicated staff, the NICoE seeks to be an instrument of hope, healing, discovery, and learning for service members recovering from TBI and PH conditions. At this time we are in the process of continuing to fully staff our facility and we are looking for full-time civilian physicians, researchers, administrators, nurses, therapists, and rehab personnel, among others.

​​Why is the NICoE a Great Place to Work?:

      • We have a state of the art facility featuring cutting-edge technology, such as the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment), one of only eight such machines in the world featuring a motion platform, embedded treadmill, and virtual environments for evaluating and rehabilitating a patient’s vision, reaction time, gait and multitasking ability.
      • We utilize some of the most advanced imaging technologies in the world, including a Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT), 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Magnetoencephalography (MEG), enabling providers to view brain scans and images in multiple dimensions.
      • We specialize in treating patients with an interdisciplinary approach. With a core team including an Internist (team leader), Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Neuropsychologist, Family Therapist, Physical and Occupational Therapist and Chaplain, we utilize the skills and experiences of our staff to provide well-rounded care to service members.
      • We have the opportunity to work with many top professionals across a number of disciplines to learn more about the disease state and how we can collaborate on research and treatment for our service members.

​​Careers at the NICoE:

      • All applicants MUST be able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance (for more information please visit here)
      • To apply for a current opening, visit our page using the following information:
        - ​​What: NICoE
        - Where: Bethesda
      •  For a list of current public openings please see the link(s) below (new positions will be added as they become available): 
      • - None at this time, but please check back for openings in the future
      • For more information, or to email a colleague about this opportunity, download our PDF here