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5/30/2013 8:59 AMNo presence informationwayne.freemanFunctional MRI in the investigation of blast-related traumatic brain injuryJohn Graner(1,2), Terrence R. Oakes(1,2), Louis M. French(3,4,5) and Gerard Riedy(1,2)3/4/2013
5/30/2013 9:00 AMNo presence informationwayne.freemanUncovering latent deficits due to mild traumatic brain injury by using normobaric hypoxia stressLeonard Temme(1), Joseph Bleiberg(2), Dennis Reeves(3), David L. Still(1), Dan Levinson(4) and Rebecca Browning(3)4/1/2013
5/30/2013 9:00 AMNo presence informationwayne.freemanDiffusion Tensor Imaging and Its Application to Traumatic Brain Injury: Basic Principles and Recent AdvancesPing-Hong Yeh(1), Terrence R. Oakes(2,3), Gerard Riedy(1,2,3,4)12/1/2012
5/30/2013 10:01 AMNo presence informationwayne.freemanPerfusion deficits in patients with mild traumatic brain injury characterized by dynamic susceptibility contrast MRIWei Liu(a,b), Binquan Wang(a,b), Rachel Wolfowitz(a,b,c), Ping-Hong Yeh(a,b), Dominic E. Nathan(a,b), John Graner(a,c), Haiying Tangd, Hai Pan(a,b), Jamie Harper(a,c), Dzung Phame, Terrence R. Oakes(a,c), Louis M. French(d,e,f) and Gerard Riedy(a,c*)11/30/2012