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The NICoE utilizes the most current technical and clinical resources and collaborates with other scientists and researchers in the federal system, academia and private industry to conduct advanced research on mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and psychological health (PH) conditions. The goal is to produce reliable and valid results that can be quickly translated to clinical settings to contribute to and improve the evidence-based practice of identification, evaluation, and treatment of mTBI and PH conditions. The NICoE also tests and pilots new assessments, evaluations or treatments that, in the judgment of the NICoE leadership, are deemed likely to improve the level of service provided to the NICoE's patients and families. All research is preceded by securing Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of research protocols and informed consent from all subjects.

Clinical Research Office

The mission of the clinical research office is to facilitate an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment that promotes the value of clinical research and fosters the translation of scientific discovery to the community. To that end, the research staff:

      • Ensures the safety and well-being of clinical research participants
      • Fosters investigator-initiated clinical trials through protocol development, regulatory submission and maintenance, and data management support
      • Provides infrastructure, clinical support, central management, and education for the responsible conduct of clinical research
      • Develops, implements, and monitors research standards that ensure compliance with Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCPs) and federal regulations
      • Facilitates agreements and budgets for sponsored clinical research
      • Coordinates NICoE-supported subject matter expert symposia to facilitate intellectual change that enhances the development of pilot studies
      • Develops research fellowships in concert with federal and academic partners
      • Assists with the identification of extramural funding sources available for clinical research support​​​​​



If you have additional questions about the research directorate at the NICoE please click here to contact someone from our research staff.