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News from the Brain Fitness Center

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The Brain Fitness Center is now offering the biofeedback training program emWAVE Heartmath. Through this program, patients can work on their heart rate variability and breathing to help recover from stress and improve their performance health. The emWAVE Heartmath program consists of an easy-to-use interface and numerous coherence training games. Patients can use this program either within the ORRB or through the use of a handheld device and can be paired with cognitive training sessions.

Mind-Body Classes

The Brain Fitness Center is partnering with Mind-Body Specialist Alex Arborghast and Speech-Language Pathologist Laura Cord to offer weekly mind-body classes. Class topics will include heart rate variability skills, diaphragmatic breathing, mind-body skills and chair yoga. Classes are scheduled to take place every Thursday with a rotating course schedule.


The Brain Fitness Center is offering neurofeedback to eligible patients as a part of a neuro and biofeedback research protocol. Through this protocol, patients can utilize the Evoke Neuroscience neurofeedback program, which provides feedback in real time through the use of an EEG cap and measurement of Event-Related Potentials.

For more information about the Brain Fitness Center, contact Stephanie Marble.

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Patients can utilize the ORRB, an optimized environment for biofeedback, in conjunction with the biofeedback classes and cognitive training.


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