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Journal Articles and Abstracts 


Byrnes, K., Wilson, C., Brabazon, F., von Leden, R., Jurgens, J., Oakes, T., & Selwyn, R. FDG-PET imaging in mild traumatic brain injury: a critical review. Frontiers in Neurogenergetics. 2014; 5, 13.

Crosby, D., Grammer, G., Popescu, M., Liu, W., & Popescu, A. Assessment of TMS interference on MRI and MEG acquisition. Brain Stimulation. 2014; 7(5), e17-e18.

DeGraba T., Bleiberg J., Grammer G., Caban J., Koffman R., Bell J., … Kelly J. Interdisciplinary Assessment and Care in Service Member with Combat Related mTBI and PTSD. Neurology. 2014; 82(10), P5. 327.

DeGraba TJ., Williams K., Caban J., Bleiberg J., Grammer G., & Kelly J. Persistent Symptom Severity in Service Members with Combat Related TBI with and without PTSD. Annals of Neurology. 2014; 76(S18):134.

Detsch, M., Johnston, D., Bradley, R., Macrae, H., Deuster, P., Harris, W. Effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on neurocognitive functioning and mood in deployed U.S. Soldiers: a pilot study. Military Medicine. 2014; 179, 396-403.

Dretsch, M., Bleiberg, J., Williams, K., Caban, J., Kelly, J., Grammer, G. & DeGraba, T. Three scoring approaches to the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory for measuring clinical change in service members receiving intensive treatment for combat-related mTBI. Journal of Head Trauma & Rehabilitation. 2014; in press.

Dretsch, M., Coldren, R.L., Kelly, M.P., Parish, R.V., & Russell, M.L. Eight day temporal stability of the Automated Neurological Assessment Metric (ANAM) in a deployment environment. Applied Neuropsychology. 2014; in press.

George, M., Raman, R., Benedek, D., Pelic, C., Grammer, G., Stokes, K., … Stein, M. A two-site pilot randomized 3 day trial of high dose left prefrontal repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for suicidal inpatients. Brain Stimulation. 2014; 7(3), 421-431.

Ghahramanlou-Holloway, M., Brown, G.K., Currier, G.W., Brenner, L., Knox, K.L., Grammer, G., … Stanley, B. Safety Planning for Military (SAFE MIL): Rationale, design, and safety considerations of a randomized controlled trial to reduce suicide risk among psychiatric inpatients. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2014; 39(1), 113-22.

Grammer, G., Green, V., Amin, R. & Alampay M. The role of rTMS in psychiatric disorders other than major depression. Psychiatric Annals. 2014; 44(6), 293-298.

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