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Provider and Referral Information

Eligible patients include active-duty service members with comorbid combat- or mission-related mild or moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health (PH) conditions that have not resolved to an acceptable level despite conventional therapy and locally available treatment, and who have the potential and desire to return to duty. Service members are typically referred to the NICoE program by their primary care provider(s). A medical eligibility determination team reviews each referral and confers with referring providers as necessary to determine suitability for participation in the NICoE program.

The clinical factors taken into consideration for selection vary. These include: severity and duration of symptoms, complexity of co-morbidities, confounding social/occupational/spiritual stressors, ability to independently perform activities of daily functioning and capacity to engage safely in an intensive outpatient clinical environment. For those who are not appropriate NICoE candidates, a follow up mechanism will link them to referral sources in their geographical area.

​​Referral Process

Service members are typically referred to the NICoE program by their primary care provider. Our Continuity Services team will review each referral and confer with providers, as necessary, to determine the service member’s suitability for the program.

To refer a patient to the NICoE, the primary care provider should fill out a Patient Referral form and fax the form to: (301) 319-3700. Upon submission, the NICoE’s referral team will make contact to discuss next steps. If you have further questions about our patient referral process, please email:

Service members return to their duty station and referring military treatment facility upon the completion of their time at NICoE with a personalized treatment plan.